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At the beginning of 2001 in a semi-furnished 2-room apartment in Brasov, somewhere on Grivitei Boulevard, the story of what is today ROMARG began.

Radu TOFAN, then a fresh graduate of Transilvania University of Brasov, was initially oriented towards website development.

The funny story is that when he signed his first contract for the realization of a presentation website he didn't know what html, css meant. After a few presentation websites he signed the first contract for a virtual store (an online bookstore) for a client in Brasov. It was the moment when, he learned that PHP, MySQL, linux servers exist. Thus he realized that he discovered a new world.

After a few months the new discovery turned into a passion and registering web domains and hosting websites became the main activity.

Initially using the Host-age infrastructure, and we thank them for the services provided then, later using the infrastructure hosted in the USA. Since 2004 we own our own hardware infrastructure in Romania.

Currently, we manage over 1500 physical and virtual servers in our own Data Center in Brasov. We are the leading provider of shared hosting and domain registration services in Romania, RoTLD, EURid, OpenSRS partner. Over 180,000 customers in Romania, Europe and the United States rely on our services.

Our values

From the beginning, we are a fully Romanian-owned company with no pressure to generate profits and results. We differentiate ourselves by the ability to invest quickly and whenever we consider it necessary to improve the services provided.

Let's be exceptional in hosting.

They are the best professionals in the field.

In compliance with ISO 9001 and 27001 quality standards.

We offer domain registration, website hosting, server rental and ssl certificates.

Professional to professional. Human to human.


We are here for you every day.


We'll tell you every time something happens with your services.


Instant service activation. We respond quickly.


No matter how, when and how often you contact us.


You have the best professionals at your disposal.