Data Center

Your data is stored securely


It is located in Brasov, Romania

Electrical Infrastructure

Total installed power of 1000 KW. The power is supplied from two independent transformers of 1600 KW each located at a distance of 150 m from each other.

2 Legrand modular UPS of 480 KW each. Provides electrical continuity for the server room.

1 Legrand 80 KW modular UPS. Ensures the electrical continuity of air conditioning systems.

At least 30 minutes autonomy provided by the UPS batteries until the generators start.

550 KW power provided by 2 electric generators. They start up in 10 seconds from the moment the power supply is interrupted

Each rack is powered by two separate BUS Bar circuits. Each circuit is powered from one UPS.

The electrical circuits are designed and implemented to provide 2N redundancy (Tier 3 standard) all the way from the electrical transformers to each server.

Maximum redundant power supply per rack up to 22 KW.

Infrastructure Air Conditioning

We use inROW high density air conditioning systems

The systems are configured to operate in cooling mode down to - 30 degrees Celsius outside.

225 KW cooling capacity. This can be extended up to 450 KW.

We use an electrically efficient air conditioning scenario, the HOT AISLE type. It involves closing the hot air aisle.

The air conditioning system architecture provides N+1 redundancy.

The measured PUE is 1.32. We are one of the most efficient electric data centers in Romania.

Technical Infrastructure

The fire resistance of the walls is 120 minutes. The minimum wall thickness is 15 cm.

We use 2 separate Inergen gas detection and extinguishing systems. One system each for the technical room and the server room.

Between the technical room and the server room there is a 90 cm corridor, the total thickness of the dividing walls is 30 cm.

Access to all spaces is through metal doors with 120 minutes fire protection.

Access to the data center is secured by electronic access control systems based on magnetic cards.

The data center is arranged on a concrete floor, which supports loads of 5000 kg/sqm.

Technological floor with a 50 cm width supports loads of 1500 kg/sq.m.

Our data center provides a total capacity for 1400 physical servers that can be expanded up to 6000 servers.

Internet infrastructure

Internet capacity of over 200 Gbps installed in the data center.

You have direct access to all or one hop away from all major internet providers in Romania. We list here: RDS/DIGI, TELEKOM, GTS, UPC, UPC, VODAFONE, PRIME TELECOM, COMBRIDGE, ORANGE, COGENT.

We are also inter-connected with 3 Internet Exchanges. BALCAN-IX, RONIX and INTERLAN.

DDOS protection is always-on. We use artificial intelligence (AI) systems with automatic mitigation 99.99% of the time.

DDOS protection is configured on 3 security rings. The cleaning of malicious traffic is managed by specialized robots that analyze the traffic around the clock and determine whether the cleaning should be performed at the router level or at the level of specialized equipment installed in the data center or whether it is necessary to escalate the attacks to international scrubbing centers.