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.EU Domains

6.99 €/year

.COM Domains

12.99 €/year

.NET Domains

12.99 €/year

Shared Hosting

3.95 €/month

WordPress PRO

12.95 €/month

SSL Certificates

9.95 €/year

We, ROMARG, have been in the market for 19 years

We host over 101,200 domains on our servers!

Managed Web Domains

Since 2001, we have registered over 164,000 web domains for our customers.


Over 900 domain resellers and 1,000 hosting resellers have chosen us.

Premium Bandwidth

Over 50 Gbps internet capacity: RDS, UPC, Vodafone, Orange, Combridge and GTS.

Safety on a daily basis 24/7/365

Over 1,000,000 people rely on our infrastructure every single day.

Our Mission:
Excellent Hosting!

You must register the most appropriate domain for your website. Make sure you choose a domain name and an extension that are representative of you. We provide you with the fastest and most stable hosting service in
the world!

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High Performance Servers

We use high performance servers, and each server is equipped with two Intel Gold 6148 processors (40 cores, 80 threads respectively), 768 GB RAM and 2 Mellanox network cards with a total of 4 25Gbps ports.

Mission critical storage

Software Defined Storage (SDS) eliminates downtime caused by hardware defects. All data is replicated permanently 3 times on different servers.

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